Hey you!

Welcome to our new-&-fresh website.
We’ve been working to bring this place to life. Nothing fancy yet, but we’ll be bringing the good stuff™ soon.

We’re a really small team of passionate people working hard to get our games and projects done. We’re young on this and still trying to earn ourselves a place in the industry if anything. You can read more nice stuff about us on the Team page where you get to see our unlucky faces and some links to our social media.

We’ve been doing weird stuff for around 1 year and a half now.
Below are screenshots of our past projects. Some of them are posted on our itch.io page, some are not. Most are from private game JAMs — but we’re working on fixes and improvements to bring them here for anyone to play them.

If you want to be in touch with us you can follow us on our social media,
or even subscribe to the blog so we are able to notify you when the GOOD STUFF™ arrives.
Just fill the form up on the right sidebar.


Thanks for reading!

And don’t hesitate to comment any feedback or suggestion (:

Hello world!

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